Consignment Terms & Conditions

  • I would need to physically see the item(s). (Condition is everything) 
  • My consignment fee is 25% of the selling price. (That includes credit card fees, my photographs, shipping/handling costs, phone calls, etc.)
  • You will receive a check for the balance once the customer shows satisfaction with the purchase. (I give a 3 day acceptance period) So, if the item sold for $100....... Your portion would be $75.
  • I do all the work.
  • I need the knife for a minimum of 90 days. We will then agree upon a selling price.
  • If the knife does not sell in the 1st 30 days we lower the price by 10%. The same goes for the 2nd month.
  • If it does not sell after 90 days, you can have it returned (at your cost) or keep it on the site (allowing for pricing adjustments) for as long as you wish.

If this sounds acceptable to you, let's get your knives SOLD!